Technology. Digital strategies development and solutions based on blockchain.

Vinci Technologies Corp. is focused on digital strategies development and solutions based on blockchain. Today's directions of Vinci include:

New kind of modern cloud computing.

  • Up-to-date multifunctional Vinci messenger.
  • Vinci payment system with native services.
  • Vinci-as-a-Service: services for development and implementation of software services based on its own blockchain platform. Vinci offers infrastructure and product solutions for business and corporate clients.
  • Vinci digital currency.

We are building a new kind of decentralized modern cloud computing. Dapps running on this basis will be unstoppable and will not need to involve complex components such as databases, backup and restore systems.

The Vinci blockchain explorer.

The Vinci blockchain explorer is a purely virtual network that emulates the operation of VINCI network on a single computer. We provide the live test network created for full-scale testing of new services.

Vinci is a faster, safer way to verify key information and establish trust.

Vinci Ecosystem and Cross platform DAPPS & Services were generated to provide the unlimited scalability and an unprecedented level of protection. It is a complex structure comprised of separate services.


VTM: Vinci Transaction Mixer.

Transaction anonymisation service applicable to any confidentialdata. Most cryptocurrencies are not completely anonymous. Vinci uses a decentralized approach on the blockchain; however, users can encrypt all transactions on the blockchain, making it hard for anybody on the network to access the details. Vinci is regarded as a privacy-enabling cryptocurrency but most people agree it is also anonymous.

VINCI is a new digital currency to earn spend it inside the Vinci messenger.

Introducing VINCI. VINCI is a new digital currency created by the team behind Vinci Technologies Corp. Soon, you'll be able to earn and spend VINCI inside the Vinci messenger.

Together, we have the opportunity to create a better community. Through VINCI, content creators and developers can be compensated for their offerings. This means that you can get access to better content and experiences. A very early, limited integration of VINCI is being tested now with a small group of users. Over the coming months, you'll see the VINCI experience inside of the messenger evolve significantly before it's rolled out to the entire our community.

Shape the future. Build chatbots. Reach millions of users

The Development. Shape the future of chats.

The internet is changing, and chat's at the center of it. As a developer, you've got an opportunity to create something that can reach millions of users. Build chatbots to provide information, entertainment, or even advice that user can find and use whenever they want.

Better community, better content and experience.

We're working on creating many different ways for you to earn and spend VINCI. You'll be able to earn VINCI for contributing to the VINCI community. Then, you can spend your VINCI on goods and services inside of the messenger.

Let's change the world together.

Ready to get rolling? Join the community.

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