Vinci is
a decentralized
system based
on blockchain

A new kind of
decentralized system

We are building a new kind of decentralized modern cloud computing. Dapps running on this basis will be unstoppable and will not need to involve complex components such as databases, backup and restore systems.

The Vinci
blockchain explorer

The Vinci blockchain explorer is a purely virtual network that emulates the operation of VINCI network on a single computer. We provide the live test network created for full-scale testing of new services.

Vinci is
a faster, safer
way to verify
key information
and establish

Vinci Ecosystem and Cross platform DAPPS & Services were generated to provide the unlimited scalability and an unprecedented level of protection. It is a complex structure comprised of separate services.

The idea behind Vinci is to bring together the best features and promises of the various smart contract technologies out there. The platform can securely and smoothly scale to thousands of transactions per second, all while providing an accessible experience to App developers, entrepreneurs & users.


VTM: Vinci Transaction Mixer.

Transaction anonymisation service applicable to any confidentialdata. Most cryptocurrencies are not completely anonymous. Vinci uses a decentralized approach on the blockchain; however, users can encrypt all transactions on the blockchain, making it hard for anybody on the network to access the details. Vinci is regarded as a privacy-enabling cryptocurrency but most people agree it is also anonymous.

VDAP: Vinci Directory Access Protocol.

VDAP is a service offering LDAP functionality with strengthened safety and fault tolerance parameters. Before SMEs had to pay big companies for data storage, simply because there was no way to do it on their own. We introduce a innovative architecture which offers a cost effective and scalable method to prove the existence and integrity of sent emails by anchoring their associated data into the Vinci blockchain. End-to-end encryption ensures only you and the people you are communicating with can read all messages you send in the future.

VNC: Vinci Network Computing.

VNC is a service that facilitates transfer and adaptation of existing computing tasks and software to the Vinci system in order to use distributed computing power. Our architecture makes it possible to have a network of computing resources that are used to execute distributed applications. The background technology of Vinci allows to harness thousands of distributed nodes to execute very large parallel applications. Vinci democratizes it by making it affordable for everyone. As a Developer, you can use Vinci to overcome blockchain limitations, by executing your computations on a new distributed infrastructure.

VP: Vinci Python.

VP is used to record a smart contract, also implements its own or existing cryptocurrency. So it is even possible to use your own currency to fulfill this contract. This can create an own, large community within a business area. Accordingly, this new way of signing contracts has many advantages. The costs can be significantly reduced and the efficiency significantly increased. Smart contracts eliminate the need for third party enforcement by encapsulating contractual obligations in software, to be autonomously verified and enforced.

VBS: Vinci Backup Service.

VBS is a fast data backup service. Cloud storage is the part of the Vinci system as well. You can build and deploy applications and download bandwidth that the system provides. Decentralized cloud object storage that is affordable, easy to use, private, and secure. Data is being stored on dozens of individual nodes, intelligently distributed across the globe, with no central entity needing to control access to a user’s files. The decentralization of blockchain storage has various additional financial benefits, such as potentially allowing the user to save on bandwidth since files are stored and downloaded from multiple nodes instead of from a single server.

Vinci is a team
of blockchain

Our team of blockchain experts and engineers.

Vinci is a team of blockchain experts and engineers. We attract the industry’s foremost minds to work on entirely new concepts in public blockchain.


Chief Executive Officer

Gary Ng is the Tech Executive
and startup founder with more than 10 years
of experience in various industries including AI,
Blockchain, and 3D. As VINCI's CEO, Gary Ng
has full responsibility for business
development and operations.

Ryder Lee

Chief Technical Officer

Ryder is the project leader with strong
experience in the IT industry for about 18 years. He is
the founder of WavyMap, CTO of IKKI and Gini. He has
full responsibility for product development of each service
and VINCI in general & manages the team to ensure
that VINCI software is developed based
on the high level of quality.

Asai Yuki

Smart Contract Developer

Asai Yuki has over 10 years of experience
in the industry. As an experienced engineer, he is
working on pro-active quality assurance in several
services and core algorithms on our blockchain
platform. His bots and agents are used
to detect vulnerabilities and
simulate typical threats.

Eugene Zheng

Software Developer

Eugene is great at working on React.js,
mobile developing, and has 8 years of experience
in the field of Software Engineering. In VINCI
Eugene is focusing on UIUX as a frontend
developer in several services.


Software Developer

Hui Tik Ho efforts mainly
focus on the low-level design and ensuring
that the project is following the modern
standards of information security
in the blockchain.


Software Engineer

Jin is a high-class engineer,
introducing the newest development methods,
modules and features to us. In the VINCI team, he
is working on decentralization and its
mplementation in different services.


Software Developer

Guangri is a Full Stack Software
Engineer with over 9 years of experience.
He has a master degree in computer science
and now is responsible for Full Stack
development. Guangri is mainly
working on the DDAP shard.


UI/UX Designer

Sam Zhang is an UI&UX designer with over 2.5 years in the media design industry. He is passionate about creating things, he knows how to apply the research methods throughout UX process and how important is the User-Centered Design. He is also a strong team player, works as a part of the team to get things done.