Technology. Digital strategies development and solutions based on blockchain.

The Vinci Blockchain is designed to provide create new opportunities for

A brand new architecture of distributed Internet services

  • Blockchain scalability is no longer a challenge
  • We tackle that include usage restrictions, no cross-platform access, unsound consensus algorithms, block size, long response times, and high transaction fees.
  • We offer a new architecture with shards implemented in a It is designed to provide decentralized financial services and creates new opportunities for cloud computing.

Within this infrastructure, each service becomes a side chain of the global ecosystem and can be used independently

Vinci is a faster, safer way to verify key information and establish trust.

Vinci Ecosystem and Cross platform dApps and services provide and unprecedented level of


VTM - Vinci Transaction Mixer.

Meet the transaction anonymisation service applicable to any confidential data. Most cryptocurrencies are not completely anonymous.

So, we have developed the VTM service that allows for encrypting all transactions on the blockchain, making it hard for anybody on the network to access the details.

VINCI was designed as a privacy enabling cryptocurrency that caresses user anonymity.


Technology. Digital strategies development and solutions based on blockchain.

Vinci offers a fundamental Byzantine fault tolerant consensus algorithm

The Vinci blockchain explorer.

The Vinci blockchain explorer is a purely virtual network that emulates the operation of VINCI network on a single computer. We provide the live test network created for full-scale testing of new services.

Verified by Kaspersky lab.

VINCI is a new digital currency to earn spend it inside the Vinci messenger.

Meet VINCI – a new digital currency designed for the Vinci ecosystem.

The VINCi cryptocurrency is used as the payment method within the ecosystem and provides voting power to the holder. Over the coming months, you'll see the VINCI experience inside of the VINCI messenger evolve significantly before it's rolled out to the entire our community.

The Vinci token is traded on the following exchanges:

The Vinci roadmap is ambitious but achievable

Creating services – Q2 2020
  • Launching the Vinci platform in the mainnet – VP service (Vinci Python)
  • Documentation for Vinci core functions
Vinci messenger integrations – Q3 2020
  • Integration of the P2P exchange for cryptocurrency trading, purchase, and sale in the desktop version of Vinci
Creating services – Q4 2020
  • VTM service (Vinci Transaction Mixer)
  • VBS service (Vinci Backup Service)
Creating services – Q2 2021
  • VDAP (Vinci Directory Access Protocol)
  • Vitruvius: creating a store for the services created on the Vinci platform
Creating services – Q3 2021
  • VNC service (Vinci Network Computing)

Vinci is a team
of IT experts
and engineers.

We attract the industry's foremost minds to work on entirely new concepts in the information and telecommunication technologies.

Shape the future. Build chatbots. Reach millions of users

Become a part ofa global ecosystem with the

The Vinci Foundation supports strong technical teams in the early stages (angel, pre-seed, seed).

If you want to create, launch, and scale solutions integrated with the Vinci blockchain to support the ecosystem, you need to go through the startup program at the Vinci Foundation with a proof of concept.

The ecosystem projects and partners: