Vinci is the only
highly customizable
app with a wide

Messaging apps
are the biggest social
media channels.

Vinci is a multi-purpose messaging and social media App. Due to its wide range of functions, Vinci is the first multimedia app that harnesses the full potential of its user base, empowering them with a built-in global marketplace backed by cryptography and secure protocols. Messaging is the most frequent digital activity that a person does. In recent years, messaging platforms have experienced a steady increase of users, outpacing some of the biggest social media channels. More than a quarter of the world uses mobile messaging apps, but the current class of apps falls short because they are too basic, or have adoption limitations due to being region-specific.

highly customizable
communications app.

Furthermore, many messaging apps are geared primarily for personal and social use rather than business; and most business-class apps lack the capabilities required to truly qualify them as enterprise-grade.

The first
multimedia app
that harnesses
the potential of
its user base.

Vinci is a cross-platform application that combines voice, text and visual messaging with sturdy and secure business management and e-commerce features.

The idea behind Vinci is to bring together the best features and promises of the various information technologies out there. The App securely and smoothly delivers messages faster than any other application, all while providing an accessible experience to App developers, entrepreneurs & users.



All messages are end-to-end encrypted. Login with mobile phone number, never lose your account.


Application is available in the AppStore and PlayMarket. Familiar interface.


Your private keys are encrypted and never leave your device. Coins are stored in your private decentralized wallet.


Multi-currency crypto wallet which can not be disabled or monitored. A fast peer-to-peer transactional network for digital assets.


Send digital currency directly to phone contacts through the application.

Vinci is a team
of IT experts
and engineers.

Our team of IT experts and engineers.

Vinci is a team of IT experts and engineers. We attract the industry's foremost minds to work on entirely new concepts in the information and telecommunication technologies.


Chief Executive Officer

Gary Ng is the Tech Executive
and startup founder with more than 10 years
of experience in various industries including AI,
Blockchain, and 3D. As VINCI's CEO, Gary Ng
has full responsibility for business
development and operations.

Ryder Lee

Chief Technical Officer

Ryder is the project leader with strong
experience in the IT industry for about 18 years. He is
the founder of WavyMap, CTO of IKKI and Gini. He has
full responsibility for product development of each service
and VINCI in general & manages the team to ensure
that VINCI software is developed based
on the high level of quality.

Asai Yuki

Smart Contract Developer

Asai Yuki has over 10 years of experience
in the industry. As an experienced engineer, he is
working on pro-active quality assurance in several
services and core algorithms on our blockchain
platform. His bots and agents are used
to detect vulnerabilities and
simulate typical threats.

Eugene Zheng

Software Developer

Eugene is great at working on React.js,
mobile developing, and has 8 years of experience
in the field of Software Engineering. In VINCI
Eugene is focusing on UIUX as a frontend
developer in several services.


Software Engineer

Jin is a high-class engineer,
introducing the newest development methods,
modules and features to us. In the VINCI team, he
is working on decentralization and its
mplementation in different services.


Software Developer

Guangri is a Full Stack Software
Engineer with over 9 years of experience.
He has a master degree in computer science
and now is responsible for Full Stack
development. Guangri is mainly
working on the DDAP shard.


UI/UX Designer

Sam Zhang is an UI&UX designer with over 2.5 years in the media design industry. He is passionate about creating things, he knows how to apply the research methods throughout UX process and how important is the User-Centered Design. He is also a strong team player, works as a part of the team to get things done.